Useful Knowledge to Understand about Breast Enlargement Hormones

might seem to offer an easy alternative to surgical for women seeking an increase in bust size.

Breast Enlargement HormonesIn fact, they have been shown to significantly increase the volume of breast tissue and have often been prescribed to transgender males. Women taking or hormone-based pills frequently report breast enlargement. Generally speaking, however, hormone treatments are not prescribed to healthy women who want them for purely cosmetic reasons, primarily because of the dangerous side effects of these hormones.

The most effective Breast Enlargement Hormones are estrogen and progesterone.

These hormones are produced in females, and their levels increase naturally with the onset of adolescence. Estrogen and progesterone trigger secondary female characteristics such as breast growth and are responsible for a girl’s development into a woman. Prolactin and human also play a role in this transformation.

In the adult female body, hormone levels rise and fall because of the menstrual cycle, and factors such as pregnancy and cause dramatic shifts. High levels of estrogen and other hormones will, among other things, affect breast growth and fluid retention, which also contributes to bust size. When hormone levels fall, the breasts reduce to their original size. It is possible to maintain high levels of Breast Enlargement Hormones or similar substances by taking regular doses of these hormones, and as long as these substances are taken, the breasts will remain larger.

Side effects related to Breast Enlargement Hormones can, however, be quite serious. Apart from their well-known effect on mood, high hormone levels can disrupt the , affect fertility and cause chronic health concerns such as anemia, and even cancer and . For those willing to face these risks, this treatment still should be avoided by women during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Transgender men also should be aware of the profound effect that these hormones have on the male body and should take these hormones only under a doctor’s supervision.

There are a number of over-the-counter creams and pills that claim to produce results like those found with . These products can trigger breast growth, but the results are likely to be modest compared with hormone treatment. Most of these treatments use a number of herbal components to stimulate growth. Some of these ingredients can behave in a way similar to estrogen, but it remains unclear what additional effects large doses might have on the body. Experts are concerned about potential side effects relating to menstruation, fertility and long-term health issues similar to those from hormone treatments.

Breast Enlargement Hormones

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